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Because Maybe An Apology Is In Order From Me To You, Proverbs 31 Woman


My thoughts on the infamous Proverbs 31 woman, by Sarah.

When I was a kid, my parents never had a big fear of me getting kidnapped by strangers when I played in the front yard. “You talk too much,” They would say,“It wouldnʼt be long before they turn around and bring you back,”

Iʼve always had an opinion, one which has been backed by my furious passion and emotion and never went unheard by anyone around me. Back when Myspace was used for more than just music, I found an easy forum for blasting my strong views and I enjoyed rousing a response from people. I liked to feel important, as though my stance mattered.

I have a notorious issue with the Proverbs 31 Woman. Normally, I claim she doesnʼt exist. I will loudly tell you how the Proverbs 31 Woman is a cliche lists of requirements implemented to make us believe only the quiet, domestic, well behaved girls are loved by Jesus and got the guy. Honestly, I think my issue with the Proverbs 31 Woman is rooted in an issue with myself.

I have an issue with the Proverbs 31 Woman because I have been made to believe I am not good enough to be the Proverbs 31 Woman.  Continue reading


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On Depression: Everything is Not Okay


On Depression: Everything is Not Okay, by Hannah K.  

I have been through periods of life where every day has been characterized by some kind of anxiety. Sometimes it could be seen on the surface- and sometimes my anxiety brewed more dangerously beneath the surface.  As a predominantly “happy” person, bouts of depression cause a conflict in my soul between the need to be authentic about  my struggles and the desire to maintain a cheerful exterior.  It can make asking for help all that much more difficult.  It is easy to assume that the happy, cheerful, strong person has no need of assistance and suffers no lows–but nothing could be further from the truth.

During one particular low, I felt as if my footing had literally been ripped out from under me. A series of negative events plunged me farther and farther into depression, each event seeming to follow after the other like a train of dominoes. From that place, what I wanted most was for others to recognize that everything is not okay–even if I could not always communicate how badly I felt.

“The Lord will take care of me… the Lord will take care of me… the Lord will take care of me..”  Some of my journal entries included God’s promises written over and over, as if their repetition would seal their truth in my soul. Continue reading

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Silencing Intimidation For The Sake Of Greater Things


Silencing Intimidation for The Sake of Greater Things, by Sarah

This has not been an easy semester, or year really, for me.
Why, you ask? Well, maybe you didn’t ask, but I’ll tell you anyway because I hate ambiguity/usually disclose more than I should.
Knowing that this is my last semester of school for now makes time pass slowly. I’ve watched my favorite professor show his true colors, my roommate leaves non-confrontational, grammatically incorrect notes on the fridge when life doesn’t suit her, I’m serving on leadership in an organization where people regularly tell me my ideas suck, and when people found out I was in a relationship they thought it was a stunt I was pulling for attention.
I’ve battled depression since I was 16, so you know, these things are definitely a piece of cake for me to process.  (Let me just sidebar here for a moment to give you a definition of “sarcasm”. . .)

Tired of combatting the speculations over my personal life and discouragement over my fundraising for Uganda, I finally had enough. I broke down and went to Starbucks as soon as I got off of work.  I sat down with a green tea lemonade, my study Bible, and what is possibly my favorite podcast.  Jesus and I needed to spend some incredibly serious time together, and it needed to be now. Continue reading

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Born to Deliver – Review


Born To Deliver book review, by Hannah K. 

I recently had the opportunity to review a copy of Born to Deliver by Kathy Brace, with Natalie Wickham. Kathy and Natalie were kind enough to contribute a copy of this book so that our readership could be introduced to the story.  Thank you so much to the two of them for their kind offer!

One of the great qualities about this book is that it is true, which in and of itself is unusual for a book of this nature.  The writers summed up the story well in a letter they included with the book, saying that it “is a true story that shares the reality of the consequences of sexual promiscuity and chasing worldly  happiness, but also the beauty of God’s redemptive power when we surrender our hearts and lives to Him”.

Born to Deliver takes a candid look at Kathy’s personal struggles to find purpose and live by faith despite the “wreck of her past”.  I appreciated the realness of this book, which you can tell is written from a place in the author’s heart.  Nothing about this book seemed contrived, like books on the subject of redemptive love often are.  Rather, it stands out because the reader can relate to Kathy’s searching.  For example, Kathy writes, “How was I supposed to know what real love was, anyway?  I had never seen it or experienced it“. Continue reading

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Nostalgia + More


Nostalgia + More, by Baylee C.  We welcome her to the blog team!

The past creeps up on me, slowly sometimes, or instead all at once.
The good, the bad, the really good, and the really bad.

It seems like a waste, to keep going back to a time that is non-existent.
If there’s no benefit to draw from it, no new lesson to be learned..why?
Yet to me, it’s incredible that we even have a memory.
A little storage compartment.
To be able to recall how I felt, how it changed me, how I feel about it now.
My memory is like a box kept under lock & key,
containing precious things and moments that matter only to me.

But is it only me? do other people feel this same way?
If these things were to all perish, which one day in the future they will,
would someone else care? Continue reading

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Finding God in Fiction

Finding God in Fiction, by Rachel McMillan.

One of my favourite musicians, David Crowder, penned a crafty treatise on praise where he examined how to find God in “Sushi and Sunsets”.  Crowder’s book takes a look at the things we view and experience every day- and how they, in their numerous forms, can act as a portal of worship. If we are to accept all good things as a gift from the Creator, then why shouldn’t a beautiful symphony, a painting, an exciting piece of architecture or a gourmet meal make us anything but elated and thankful?  Christians, I believe, can find God and good in many things.  For me, as a voracious reader, I find Him in fiction. Ever since I was a young girl, I loved the pastel-coloured, beautiful worlds of L.M. Montgomery.  Her critics call her penchant for long, flowery musings on nature her “purple prose”; I view her descriptors as a lens through which I can revel in the beauty of the Creator. Continue reading


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